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Formulation of "KDDI Accelerate 5.0," with the Aim of Creating a Resilient Future Society in the "New Normal" Era

Accelerating Society 5.0 with 5G by promoting R&D for technologies in seven fields and orchestration technology

August 31, 2020
KDDI Corporation
KDDI Research, Inc.

KDDI and KDDI Research has formulated "KDDI Accelerate 5.0"—a concept that envisions the future society of 2030. The concept is aimed at accelerating the realization of Society 5.0, a sustainable consumer-centric society where economic development is spurred and social issues are solved simultaneously with 5G.
Together with a wide range of partners, from startups to large enterprises in and outside Japan, we will upgrade the environment in three layers—platform, business, as well as networks. By promoting research and development of technologies in seven fields and orchestration technology for close collaboration between these technologies, which support the upgrading of the environment, we will realize the advanced integration of physical (real) spaces and cyber (virtual) spaces which will allow all consumers to enjoy the benefits of technologies safely without being aware of the space they are in.
Through these efforts, KDDI and KDDI Research aim to create a resilient future society that contributes to establishing new lifestyles for consumers as well as to spurring economic development and solving social issues in Japan.



About KDDI Accelerate 5.0


As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic drag on, the need has grown rapidly for teleworking, online education, remote healthcare and the like, reaffirming the social importance of ICT infrastructure that maintains economic activity and consumers' peace of mind and safety in Japanese society. Each industry is expected to create a resilient business model, supporting economic growth in Japan and bring about an even brighter society, bursting with vitality, for the future. Against such a social background, KDDI and KDDI Research took the initiative to build a network and platform and to create a business model, formulating KDDI Accelerate 5.0 with the aim of contributing to a "New Normal" era.


2.Upgrading the environment in three layers
We will upgrade the environment in three layers: network, platform, and business.


(1)Network Layer: By quickly rolling out 5G networks using the latest world-class technologies, we will aim to build a sophisticated, resilient ICT infrastructure in Japan and will develop it on an ongoing basis.
(2)Platform Layer: By upgrading the open platform for introducing advanced technologies of companies inside and outside Japan, we will aim to create new value to be provided to consumers, economic mechanisms, and social systems.
(3)Business Layer: By promoting digital transformation (DX) based on open innovation as a wide ranging partnership involving startups as well as large enterprises, we will aim to create a new business model.


<Upgrading the environment in three layers>



3.R&D of technologies in seven fields and orchestration technology
We will promote research and development of technologies in seven fields that support the three layers and the orchestration technology for close collaboration between these technologies. As such, we will stimulate the circulation of data obtained from consumers, economy, and society in physical and cyber spaces, and thereby contributing to realizing a sustainable society where each one of consumers can live comfortably and play an active role.


(1)Networks, (2) Security, (3) IoT, (4) Platform,(5) AI, (6) XR, and (7) Robotics


<Technologies in seven fields and orchestration between them>



The spread of 5G services will drive the integration of physical and cyber spaces, and data in physical spaces will be collected in cyber spaces where various analysis and simulation will be conducted. Going forward, KDDI and KDDI Research will strive to strengthen the research and development of a technology for using data in cyber spaces securely and conveniently as the platform for various life design businesses, with our telecommunications business as the core, as well as for other technologies, such as AI, XR and robotics, which spur changes in human behavior, for feeding such data back into physical spaces, accelerating the integration of these spaces.


KDDI, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in October 2020, has set out social issues that we can contribute to as a telecommunications operator with the power to connect, and have established "KDDI Sustainable Action," our SDGs action that envisions 2030,  in May of this year.
While promoting the integration of telecommunications and life design, the KDDI Group will endeavor to create an exciting future society together with various partners as a company that contributes to sustainable growth, through the KDDI Accelerate 5.0 initiative.


For more information on KDDI Accelerate 5.0, please go to here(Japanese version only).

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