KDDI Research, Inc.

Beyond 5G/6G White Paper

This white paper describes both the future vision and technology that are considered necessary to foster an ecosystem for innovation by thinking ahead about 2030 when Beyond 5G/6G is expected to begin, in order to embody "KDDI Accelerate 5.0".

(1)Future Vision: Changes in our lifestyle and Beyond 5G/6G Use Cases

Regarding the future lifestyles described in "KDDI Accelerate 5.0", this white paper shows their specific examples which are extracted through discussions with people with advanced lifestyles. It also shows the Beyond 5G/6G use cases associated with the paradigm shift in our lifestyles

(2)Technology: Details of "Seven Technologies" in "KDDI Accelerate 5.0"

KDDI regards Beyond 5G/6G as the system that consists of not only Network technology including wireless communication technology, but also six other technologies (Security, IoT, Platform, AI, XR and Robotics). Regarding each of the "seven technologies"(technologies in seven fields) in Beyond 5G/6G, this white paper shows its role, goal, current situation and specific effort towards 2030.