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Joint development of Japanese support for smartphone keyboard app "Fleksy"

-Accurate auto-correction by simple gesture control-

January 21, 2016
KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc.

 KDDI R&D Laboratories has successfully developed the Japanese input functionality for Fleksy, a keyboard app for smartphones, by a joint development project with Fleksy Inc. (Based in San Francisco, US. Founder & CEO: Kostas Eleftheriou)

 The app will be available on Google Play(*1) starting January 21, 2016.


 Fleksy features a unique gesture control UI, which enables efficient auto-correction of erroneous input on smartphones. This functionality improves the efficiency of inputting text on smartphones for all users. Fleksy has achieved over 10 million downloads as of January 2015(*2), has been recognized as the world's fastest keyboard(*3), and has received various awards, including the Google Play Editor's Choice in 2015.


 KDDI R&D Laboratories has collaborated with Fleksy to develop a unique keyboard app for Japanese. In this joint development project, KDDI R&D Laboratories and Fleksy have successfully implemented Japanese text input with not only the QWERTY keyboard, but also the flick interface, an interface which is used by the majority of Japanese smartphone users. KDDI R&D Laboratories' know-how and established technology generated from research efforts in the natural language processing and user interface domains has contributed to the development of this application.




< Image of Fleksy auto-correction for Japanese >



 KDDI R&D Laboratories and Fleksy will jointly continue to improve this application, in order to provide an excellent user experience for smartphone users, and increase customer satisfaction.



[Release date]

 January 21, 2016



[Operating environment]

 Runs on smartphones or tablets running:

  Android 4.1 and later

  iOS 8.0 and later(Available from Febrary 2nd, 2016)



(*1) URL to download Flesky from Google Play:

(*2) Sum of downloads for Android and iOS versions

(*3) References on Fleksy web site:

Video of record-breaking accomplishment (YouTube):


* “Google Play” and “Android” are registered trademarks of Google Inc.


A video of the new Fleksy app can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of KDDI R&D Laboratories.

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