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Privacy Policy


KDDI Research, Inc., recognizes the importance of personal information and has adopted the following privacy policy to ensure that it observes laws and regulations.


We collect and use customers’ personal information to the extent necessary for our business. In addition, we make clear the purpose of obtaining personal information and obtain the consent of the information owner before collecting it. We take action in organizational, personnel, physical and technical safety while managing risks such as unauthorized access destruction, tampering and leaks involving personal information. We follow our own action plan, based on laws and regulations concerning personal information protection and on our information privacy statement. To ensure the appropriate use and protection of personal information, we constantly review our action plan.


April 4, 2011

Addition on February 1, 2018: The survey experiment of driving behavior (DB) using driving recorder footage

Addition on February 20, 2018:Deletion of Personal Data

Addition on February 20, 2018:Requests Disclosure or Deletion of Personal Data



Collection, Use, and Purpose of Your Personal Information


KDDI Research, Inc., and this site care about your privacy. It is not necessary for you to provide us your personal information when you browse our site. Even though, some of our site request your contact information (your name, email address, etc...), your business information(company name, phone / fax number, shipping address, your main business area, etc...) to the extent necesarry to our internal purpose such as providing you our product support, and responding adequately to our product trouble you might have, etc..



Control and Security of Your Personal Information


KDDI Research, Inc., take highly security measure to protect your personal information we collect from loss, misuse, unauthorized access. We might commission management and operation of this site to subcontracting company for enriching service. In doing so, we carry out that the subcontracting company also manage your personal information accurately and to protect them from loss and unauthorized access.


KDDI Research, Inc., does not disclose your personal information to third parties other than subcontracting company without your consent. However, we might disclose your personal information when laws and public institutions (such as court and police department) request us to disclose.



Deletion of Personal Data


When the purpose of use has been achieved or when the purpose of use has not been achieved but the business predicated on the purpose of use has been discontinued, KDDI Research Inc.,deletes the personal data concerned without delay. However, KDDI Research Inc., may use the personal information within the range of the purpose of use after termination of the various agreements with the customer.



Requests Disclosure or Deletion of Personal Data


KDDI Research Inc., will respond without delay to requests from a customer or their agent for disclosure or deletion of relevant personal data, except in the following cases.


For inquiries about personal information disclosure or deletion, contact us at the following location:


Contact Us



The survey experiment of driving behavior (DB) using driving recorder footage


KDDI Research Inc., will conduct the driving behavior (DB) survey experiment using driving recorder footage of up to 85 ordinary drivers nationwide who have given consent to cooperate in our project. 


The video data are used to understand the traffic environment of moving vehicles by detecting traffic lights, railroad crossings, road signs and markings, pedestrians, and vehicles in the area surrounding moving vehicles. This experiment aims to survey DB and not to identify passersby.


We will use the driving recorders at the minimum resolution necessary for mechanical digitalization (processing to detect traffic lights, railroad crossings, road signs and marks, pedestrians, and vehicles in the areas surrounding moving vehicles and not to identify individuals). In addition, the video data will not be accessed by us except for the purpose of verification of digitalization. 


Also, the video data will be handled confidentially according to our privacy policy. If we provide them to the outside or for use in a presentation, we will pixelate the data so that the faces of passersby cannot be recognized. 

  • Data acquisition areas: All over Japan
  • Number of vehicles for data acquisition: Up to 85 vehicles
  • Period of data acquisition: Feb. 2, 2018 to Apr. 1, 2018
  • Storage period of video data: Three years after data acquisition
  • Contact address: dbex_inquiry(at)



Changes to This Privacy Policy


KDDI Research, Inc., have the right to change this privacy policy when it is appropriate to do so. When such change occure, we will post on this web site with the date of updated recorded. Please revisit this page when you provide any of your personal information.