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Prevent Misdirected Email! Nazori Mail Checker

Prevent Misdirected Email! Nazori Mail CheckerPrevent Misdirected Email! Nazori Mail Checker

Prevents misdirected email etc. to eliminate serious security incidents
Outlook email security software that prevents misdirected email
Simple double checks using the Nazori (tracing) operation and third-party check function before sending


This Outlook email security software allows you to check important information such as the recipient, subject, and attachments before sending an email. The application prompts you to trace your mouse over important information before sending an email, preventing you from sending email to the wrong person and causing a serious security incident. Nazori Mail Checker also incorporates a double-checking system where another person can verify the information after the writer checks. As Nazori Mail Checker is an Outlook add-in, it is easy to install and use.

What is the Nazori (tracing) operation?


The Japanese word nazori means ‘to trace’ in English. The Nazori operation alerts you to mistakes by forcing you to trace (or hover) your mouse over information on your PC's display. Using the Nazori operation before sending an email can prevent misdirected email and erroneous attachments.

Ensure email security by tracing over important information before you hit Send ·Why do misdirected email etc. occur? Confirmation work with assumptions and prejudices. Unconscious confirmation. Control of operation confirmation e.g.,a checkbox, Physical operation e.g.,confirming by pointing a finger. > Nazori operation Using a finger to trace items to be confirmed that are displayed in a screen > Conscious confirmation. ·Systemized Nazori operations ·The application prompts users to check carefully when it determines an ineffective Nazori operation (away from the check area or too fast)  ·The UI facilitates mindful checks by highlighting Nazori locations, showing English addresses in Japanese, and more ·You can save the operating history and use it to prevent users sending misdirected email etc. or apply it as log information during inspections


Screen image


Screen image e-mail writing > Confirmation of important information 1.Extraction of important information, 2.Determination made whether or not by tracing location and speed, 3.Having traced all the blue arrows, the Send button is enabled *Possible to change settings of sending conditions > e-mail transmission. Find a mistake the cancel button is used to return to the e-mail writing screen




Arrow-guided Nazori operation


Nazori Mail Checker prompts you to trace your mouse over the recipient, subject, attachments, and other important information on your PC’s screen. Arrows (⇨) displayed behind important information show you the areas to check with the Nazori operation. Because Nazori Mail Checker sorts in-house addresses (that don't require checking with the Nazori operation) from external addresses (that do require checking), you can see external addresses in the list of recipients at a glance.


Colors inform you when the Nazori operation is needed


Nazori Mail Checker uses deep colors to highlight important information that requires checking with the Nazori operation. The color changes once the check is complete, preventing misdirected email etc.


Nazori operation accuracy determination


If the Nazori Mail Checker determines that the Nazori operation was too routine, too far from the target area, or too fast, it deems the operation invalid and you must perform the check again. This reduces mistakes caused by rushing and can prevent misdirected email etc.


Nazori operation support features help you notice mistakes


You may not notice mistakes if you only trace over information. Nazori Mail Checker displays the areas to check in multiple ways. This includes highlighting characters as you perform the Nazori operation and displaying English email addresses in Japanese. These features make it easy to notice mistakes.


A third-party checking function for double checking


Install Nazori Mail Checker on multiple PCs to make use of the third-party checking function. Work with your managers and colleagues and use the Nazori operation to check each other's recipients, subject, attachments, and emails from each person's own computer.

*Although the third-party checking function does not require a separate server, some set conditions apply (network configuration etc.) Please contact us for details.