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MP-Factory 5.5

MPEG SDK library including picture quality evaluation for codec


MP-Factory is a software development kit (SDK) that provides a multitude of functions, including a video and audio codec that supports a variety of video services, such as those associated with digital terrestrial television broadcasting, IPTV, acTVila, and Blu-ray, automatic picture quality evaluation, frame-accurate high-speed editing, and RTP transmitting and receiving.




High-Quality Encoding Engine


Adaptive picture quality control technology, provided by KDDI Research, Inc.’ originally developed algorithm, enables optimal encoding processing, for applications from mobile video to 4K video quality.


Possible to set detailed encoding parameters, and easy-to-set for a variety of service specifications, including 1 seg., acTVila and more

Proprietary Automatic Picture Quality Evaluation


Based on evaluation function of subjective picture quality (mean opinion score :MOS), and detection function of abnormal frames, provided by KDDI Research, Inc.’ originally developed algorithms, quality inspecting operations for MPEG contents become significantly more efficient.

This proprietary subjective picture quality evaluation technology is capable of automatically measuring the state of picture quality degradation, in place of the human eye. It achieves a correlation with subjective picture quality (MOS) of approximately 0.9. In addition, not only does it equip a reference type picture quality evaluation function that uses raw video prior to video encoding, but it also has non-reference type (Hybrid Non-reference type using encoding information and decoded video) picture quality evaluation functions.



Provides a range of measurement parameters necessary for automatic quality inspecting, such as a function to detect video frame abnormalities (black frame, freeze frame, and others) and a function to acquire audio data (loudness, silent intervals, others)

Various Formats and Functions


Support for a wide range of service specifications, including digital terrestrial television broadcasting (1seg, 12 Seg), IPTV, acTVila, Blu-ray and more, for applications from mobile use to 4K video.



More than just a encoding function, MP-Factory can be used across a broad range of workflows as it provides a multitude of functions, including decoding, automatic picture quality evaluation, multiplexing and demultiplexing, caption insertion for 1 seg., frame-accurate high-speed editing and RTP transmitting and receiving.

SDK provided for various kind of formats


In addition to the common C++ interface, Primitive SDK, for flexibly controlling a variety of functions, MP-Factory offers software components compatible with a Windows OS-based library of DirectShow and ActiveX (DirectShow/ActiveX SDK) frameworks, making for easy development of real-time applications.



Also possible to provide Primitive SDK on Linux OS

Easy-to-use Encoding Applications (Sold Separately)


A simple GUI screen and encoding preset enable the easy creation of 4K HEVC contents. In addition, MP-Factory equips a batch processing function, and it is possible to efficiently develop multiple contents.

MP-Factory’s 4K HEVC Encoder [NEW]

Main window: selection of input video sources and encoding intervals, set of encoding parameters, and registration of the encoding job (encoding process unit) 
Preview window: preview of input video sources (frame feed/frame return), designation of encoding intervals 
Job management window: status confirmation, deletion, and other tasks for the encoding job registered in the main window


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