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Achieve a secure thin client in the USB key and smartphone


K-VPN enables secure remote access to a workplace PC from a user’s home or anywhere on the move. It offers a work environment just like that in the office, over the Internet. In addition, because it uses an OS stored in a USB memory stick, no business data is stored on the client PC.
K-VPN was recognized with the prize for excellence at the 10th Telework Promotion Awards in 2009.



Easy to connect


*Can also be used by installing software.

A high level of security


Possession-based authentication Verifies that the connected user is the one who is in possession of the specified mobile phone.
Knowledge-based authentication Verifies that the connected user knows the specified ID and password. This is performed when the user connects to the VPN and when logging into the company computer at the office.
Public-key certificate-based authentication Verifies that the connected user is using the proper USB for connection. The public-key certificate is safely stored on the USB, making unauthorized connections impossible, such as copying the certificate to another USB.
Device-based authentication Verifies that the connected user is connected from the specified device. The network equipment’s MAC address is transmitted to the server, and connection is only permitted when the addresses match.

Easy Operability


*This requires use of au’s mobile Emergency Communications Termination service and other mobile emergency communications termination services.

Advantages of System Deployment